office yoga

wait, isn’t that an oxymoron?

nope. not anymore. innovative companies are catching on pretty quickly.

all you need is a relatively quiet room with clean floor space, a door that can close, and 30 or 60 minutes. yoga mats are helpful, but not required.

why have office yoga?

the debilitating effects of job-related stress on employee performance are well-documented:

  • decreased productivity
  • low energy
  • stagnant thinking
  • irritability with colleagues
  • sadness
  • ugh!

computer screens and open-office environments take a particularly huge toll on individual well-being. over-stimulation + not enough down time = burnout and mediocre performance.

yoga has proven to be one of the most effective ways for professionals to relieve stress and increase productivity.

office yoga brings:

  • increased productivity
  • higher energy
  • creative thinking
  • positive attitudes among co-workers
  • happiness

sweet! so, let's talk about bringing the benefits of yoga into your office work week.

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a down dog a day keeps work doldrums away!

a down dog a day keeps work doldrums away!