heart yoga retreat (coming: spring 2015)

are you an artist at heart?

imagine deep, bottomless breaths. fresh morning coffee under a coconut tree. white beach with soft trade winds. horizon immense enough to hold all of your ideas. creative spirit alighting on your shoulder to whisper inspiration. seven mornings in a row.

i'd like to invite you to join me for a sweet yoga retreat. created especially for heARTists, like us.

we will practice yoga. walk barefoot in powdered sugar sand. play in warm salty waves. meet with other artists in tulum, see their work, talk with them, hear their stories, and share our own. we will find inspiration and it will find us. we will bring our favorite portable artist tools (camera, paintbrush, sketchbook, charcoal, journal, watercolors, instrument) to create. we will eat amazing food and sleep like babies. we will wake up refreshed.

all. week. long.

i hope you will join me. i look forward to meeting you.


(visit heartyogaretreat.com for details)