If you have been to my house before and know the way, please read the note about parking. Thank you!

Address: 1608 39th Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112

Laura's Mobile: 206.799.5604


  • Heading west on Madison Street, make a left turn onto 39th Avenue East.
  • The first cross-street you come to is 39th & Garfield.
  • The second cross-street you come to is 39th & Blaine. If you park near 39th & Blaine, that would be ideal.
  • Please read notes on parking below.


  • Please try not park right in front of my house (on 39th near Garfield).
  • This is because my immediate neighbors are worried that having a class here may bring "too many cars" to our street.
  • The beautiful truth is there is PLENTY of parking around here (smile).
  • I wish to be respectful, of course. And hope I can keep offering these classes without causing neighbors any stress.
  • If you can park a block or so away in any direction, I will greatly appreciate it. If you are running late, don't worry about it, park close by.
  • Thank you.


  • From the intersection of 39th & Blaine, if you walk back up 39th toward Madison Street the way you came in, my house will be on your left.
  • My house is tucked down a long driveway and behind a big laurel hedge; you cannot see it from the street. My house is little. My house is white.
  • My house is between 1614 (a single-story gray house with white trim) and 1606 (a two-story light blue house with a tall cedar gate).
  • Turn left down the long driveway between 1606 and 1614. Please walk carefully here as it can be a bit slippery this season with wet leaves & moss.
  • At the end of the driveway, you will finally come to a small cedar half-gate in the big laurel hedge.
  • Let yourself through the small cedar half-gate and you will see my porch.
  • Welcome!