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laura lowery

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p.s. my favorites

looking for a graphic designer? how about a great massage therapist? personal trainer? yoga clothing designer? real estate agent? here are some of my very favorites:

karly siroky - graphic design (seattle)

andrew mellon - real estate broker (seattle)

amanda ford - strength coach, poet, yogini, future film maker (seattle)

cicely andree - yoga, massage, chinese medicine (seattle)

vanessa ainslie - ayurveda, massage, birth doula (seattle)

tara lynne cameron - massage therapy (seattle)

colleen yerge - life coach, birth doula, owner of mamas cookies (san francisco)

molly landreth - photography (seattle)

kimberly wilson - artist, author, activist, amazing yoga clothing designer (washington, d.c.)

tracey gramenz - pre-school that's nature-based and spanish-enriched (seattle)